Through the clouds on Ingleborough

I’m not much of a walker. At least, not a ‘hiker’. I feel at home on the bike, and I’m comfortable running. There’s a shot of me on this site running a 10k in Tatton Park. I’m proud of that run – 40:34 seconds for a 10k remains my PB.

I digress – Hiking isn’t my strong suit. It’s beautiful, you’re out in the elements, but after a while my hips hurt, I struggle with motivation, and my feet ache. This shot was taken at the top of Ingleborough – one of the 3 summits featured in the ‘3 peaks’ walk. The total hike was something like 24 miles, or close to it, with several thousand feet of climbing. I struggled a bit with it, but being able to snap shots like this kept me going.

This picture isn’t of me, nor a stranger, but actually Tom Hickey, who at the time (and maybe still) worked for the National Trust, and was in charge of installing and maintaining many of the paths, gates, steps and fences in this region. It was almost like having a local tour guide, for most of the walk.


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