My life in pictures…

The best camera is the one you’ve got on you. The one that captures something that memory doesn’t always do justice. Below is a selection of my favourite pictures, taken on everything from my favourite DSLR to my oldest smartphone. Scroll through, or click below to read about each one…

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Calpe, Spain | Pixel 2 XL

-/– f- -mm

Pale Blue Dot

The Eden Project, Cornwall | Canon EOS 700D

1/640 f1.8 50mm

Southern Star

Bath Christmas Markets | Canon EOS 700D

1/160 f4.5 50mm

Atop Helm Craig

Helm Craig, Grasmere | Nexus 6P

1/5000 f2 4.6mm

Snowed Lake

Denham Quarry, Brindle | Canon EOS 700D

1/400 f7.1 50mm

Ben’s Makeover

Big Ben, London | Canon EOS 700D

1/2500 f4.5 50mm


Calpe, Spain | Canon EOS 700D

1/2500 f10 50mm


Alley Cat Academy, Chorley | Canon EOS 700D

1/80 f1.8 50mm


Galway, Ireland | Canon EOS 700D

1/3200 f3.5 50mm


Harlow Hill, Newcastle| Canon EOS 700D

1/160 f1.8 50mm

Fresh Pork

Bath Christmas Markets | Canon EOS 700D

1/60 f9 50mm

Life is art

Prague | Canon EOS 700D

1/100 f2 50mm

Through the clouds

Ingleborough| Sony RX100

1/200 f5.6 10.4mm

La Cereza

Rocacorba, Girona | Sony RX100

1/1250 f3.2 10mm

White Over

Denham Quarry| Canon EOS 700D

1/500 f2.5 50mm

Spanish fish

Alcudia, Spain| Canon EOS 700D

1/1250 f6.3 128mm


Frome | Canon EOS 700D

1/80 f2.8 50mm

Pointed Summit

Helm Craig, Grasmere| Sony RX100

1/800 f6.3 15.45mm

On the shoulders

Bath Christmas Markets | Canon EOS 700D

1/1250 f2 50mm

Catedral de Girona

Girona, Spain| Pixel 2 XL

-/– f- –mm

Velo Friends

Girona, Spain | Pixel 2 XL

-/– f- -mm


Drumhaw, Ireland| Sony RX100

1/125 f3.2 13.42mm