Climbing Pendle Hill

This shot was taken at the bottom of Pendle Hill, just after myself and Julian turned off the main road and started the scenic climb.

It was a beautiful day, and although taking some editing liberties, this picture is a fairly accurate representation of how bright a day it was.

A bit about lenses

It was shot on my 24mm, which I sold not long after. I’ve always loved the 50mm, and also have a 16-250 zoom lens which I like to think of my ‘everything else’ lens. This picture was one that I kept revisiting when thinking about whether to sell my 24mm for a 35mm. I could never quite get into the groove of the 24mm, and a lot of the shots I took on it just looked off.

I’m so glad I left the 24mm on my camera for this shot, in hindsight. The 50mm wouldn’t have managed to capture the trees, scenery, sunlight etc that you really need to set the scene.

Pendle Hill

Canon EOS 700D

Shutter speed:


Focal length: