Spanish fish

On my second trip to Mallorca, a group of 10 or so of us stayed in a gorgeous villa in Alcudia, near the old town. It was a stones throw (Literally. I tried it from the balcony) from the cobbled beach, and was the ideal headquarters for a week of cycling.

I spotted this chap on a walk into the town one night, as we were headed to get some food. The beach itself wasn’t picturesque in the slightest. Rocky, seaweed, black & brown colours, and on an overcast day, but it struck me that this man can’t see the ugly beach he’s stood on. All he can see is gentle lapping water, a shining coastline at the other side, and towering mountains of Puig Major and Col de Femenia in the distance.

I’m not a fan of fishing, but it seems like something I could find myself enjoying, especially when this is your office…

Alcudia, Spain

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