Snowy Robin

This is yet another shot from when myself and Julian went on a whistle-stop tour of Brindle after a particularly snowy day.

I remember, for this picture, I made Julian wait for what seemed like forever, whilst I tried to dial in and figure out how to get this picture. It was a bright, white, day, so I could fix the f-stop way down and put the shutter speed up to allow me to capture the super-quick robin. The main issue though was handling the focus. Auto-focus just wasn’t quick or accurate enough to capture this chap as he darted from branch to branch, and he never seemed to return to the same branch/spot twice, meaning I couldn’t focus in on an area and wait.

This was a definite case of trial and error. I’m guessing here, but I’d say there were at least 70 or 80 out of focus, under or overexposed, pictures of this robin, before getting this one. Thank god for digital cameras, eh.

Holt Lane, Brindle

Canon EOS 700D

Shutter speed:


Focal length: