Catedral de Girona

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better. They may never truly compare to a DSLR or pro-camera, but some things they have got going for them are that they’re always on you, and their software is exceptional.

This photo taken in the Cathedral in Girona is actually 9 pictures stitched together and was taken on my smartphone. Trying to stitch photos and frame this shot on a normal camera would be a nightmare!

Granted, a 6, 7, 8mm etc lens might get the same effect on a DSLR, but in terms of having a quick access camera and capturing an entire scene is amazing.

Towards the end of a week of cycling through Girona, a day after we tackled our big ride from the french border, over alps and into Girona, we put on our cultured hats and went for a visit of the local Catherdral. It’s an impressive building. I didn’t get many shots, since it technically wasn’t allowed.

Girona, Spain

Pixel 2 XL

Shutter speed:


Focal length: