Every now and then, usually coinciding with a generic, twerk-infested, unoriginally sexually orientated music video released by a popular-amongst-teens pop group, people begin to flock to the seemingly unfounded and often peer-influence conclusion of “Oh fuck off [generic artist], I’m done. Music was better back then!

Considering, for the most part, they were born in the 90’s, I’m going to call bullshit on you. Everyone’s been guilty of slagging off a pop artist from time to time – Hell, any song that mentions the song ‘baby’ 56 times throughout it’s duration [Sadly, this isn’t an exaggeration] deserves to get a little shit flung in it’s general direction but to say that music in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s was ‘better’ than all the music out there today, is just a little bit daft, really.

When questioned, the fall back answer is always “Yeah but, the Beatles! Nirvana! Pink Floyd”. Great, I agree – the Beatles were incredible at what they do, and Nirvana are iconic, and no one can deny that Floyd are utter outstanding but can you justify using a handful of bands to backup a statement that disregards the millions of incredible tracks released each year that all hold their own in their own, individual, merit?

People only talk about what’s good. People don’t mention the countless pop hits that were simply dire. Bands and artists that stand the test of time are ones that are incredible, or popular. I hope I never get to the stage where when asked what music was like when I was younger, the answer that slowly drools out of my mouth is “Well, Enter Shikari were brilliant, but I never really liked Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, David Gue[something], JLS and One Direction“. You wouldn’t – you don’t talk about things you don’t particularly like, and you don’t remember music you thought was shit. It doesn’t have the same memorable and impressive effect.

I’m sure there are people that don’t really gel with music from the [two thousand and] 10’s and can genuinely name more bands that they loved from their generation that they can of modern bands, and fair enough – I’ve probably just pissed you people off.

What is winging about this going to do? You’re not going to revive any dead musicians with your kind and nostalgically touching Facebook status, and that hashtag isn’t going to bring grunge back into the charts again all of a sudden. There are a select few bands that are and always will be utterly fantastic, and that yes – they may be better than any current band you like today. Fair. Saying that a generation of music that you probably never lived through is better than anything in this decade just because Shakira has made a comeback is pretty bollocks, though. If you’re that way inclined, just jump out of the Billboard top 100 chart and do some digging around.







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