July 12, 2013

6 Helpful Productivity Tools

After bumping up my writing commitments from around 3 articles a week on Alt Music Review, nearly 10 a week across 3 different blogs, I’ve found […]
July 8, 2013

Call Yourself A Fan?

There are certain things I respect in the music industry. Freedom of speech,  wonderful music, and certain cultures which accept absolutely everyone. Other things, not so […]
July 5, 2013

How to stay creative…

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m the most creative person ever. At least, not in a physical sense (drawings, vivid imagination, bad dreams about deceased unicorns in […]
July 4, 2013

Can you survive on a Chromebook?

I recently purchased the HP Pavillion 14” Chromebook, for the bargain price of £250. One question that a lot of my friends and colleagues asked me […]


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