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Last Monday (18th August, 2014) I took a day out of my comfortable office job as a Social Media and Content Executive for Direct365 and spent the day finding out what it’s really like as a commercial bin man, whilst learning what challenges they come across day-in-day-out. I was welcomed by Kenny Waste Management – a company whom we work closely with at Direct365, and who I would be spending the day with.

The 7 tonne capacity diesel guzzler (pictured above) left the Kenny Waste depot to start its rounds at 5:30am with Lucas and Marchak(two of Kenny Waste’s finest bin men) at the helm. Due to strict health and safety restrictions, I was unable to travel with them inside the cab. Instead, I followed behind the truck on its rounds with Simon from Kenny’s, and would hop out at each stop, since I was fully-equipped with the correct PPE clothing and a trusty camera.

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